Who we are

FERRAND HUMAN RESOURCES Qatar (FHR) is the most recent subsidiary of SERVTEC Group, existing since 2002 and specialized in the provision of engineers and technicians of all nationalities for oil & gas, mining, construction and service companies in Africa and Middle-East.

In addition to the international workforce solutions provided, we offer the possibility of an integrated management for your international projects.

Our team of dynamic professionals will provide you with a personalized set of solutions including the needed manpower technical assistance, administrative and logistics management services, recruitment assistance and professional development training within the Middle East region. 



Since its early days, SERVTEC Group has always been a forerunner on safety matters

Our safety culture takes root in both our CEO’s personal experience on drilling rigs and in the challenging environments where we have been evolving, always pushing us forward and creating shared safety belief within the organization. 

FHR Qatar is no exception to the rule. Highly influenced and driven by the elder subsidiaries, it benefits from their extensive experience and heavily implicated individuals who believe in - and belong to - safety improvement. 

“Every employee can make an impact through their words, 
actions and decisions.” 


FHR offers an international mobility management expertise. We provide technicians, engineers, crews or support staff with proven experience within your industry, being it energy, marine, logistics...


Talent sourcing is directly in line with our International Workforce Solutions and applies to all industries, nationalities, competencies and professional level...


Registered in the Qatar Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Ferrand Training Center provides unique learning approach on professional development solutions for international...